What to do after Graduation


India is one of the developing countries in the world with significant amount of population to make it the second biggest democratic republic in the world. This factor was once to our disadvantage due to lack or organization. Gradually in due course of time we took time and now put ourselves into the right tract. Collectively we are in the progressive march towards shining and achieving big things equivalent to that of the well-developed nations.

Pivotal factor

The same population factor is currently taken as advantage to turn that into our bench strength for colossal productivity and magnanimous growth in huge amounts. This is made possible essentially through the intellectual minds that sowed the seeds in the earlier decades to increase the strength of the intellects to shape up the country and mould the society as a whole.


The literacy rates started ascending and escalating year after year. Currently we are in such a situation that the rest of the world is relying on the shoulders of the huge amount of intellectual minds of India. A good example is the IT growth. Top-notch international companies compete to rush and invest in India to take advantage of the intellectual resources available. In the current scenario getting a job just as a graduate is no big deal.

Questions of reality

You could easily get a job as a graduate for an equivalent worth of salary according to your potential the question is all about on how much you settle for. When there are chances and opportunities to grow and scale remarkable heights in your career and come up in flying colors taking advantage of the so huge growth and foreign investments, why should we settle in for something less? This is the question in the minds of a majority of the educated youth these days.

Thoughtful quotients

All of these people would love to get into further higher education to easily surge through the vertical ladders in an organizational chart. The higher is your qualifications, the more dignity and respect and pay packets you gain. There is more number of institutions available for higher studies. They are available even in the same locality in proximity to the locality of the individual. There are educational loans offered by the government to back up your financial expenses as well as other domestic expenses as well. Such a sort of encouragement cannot be witnessed in many other countries. Having all this advantage, why should you compromise yourselves in illustrating your profile?

It is therefore advisable to continue studying after your graduation. If not regular then continue doing so in part time modes from IGNOU or any other reputed means. Life passes on faster when you get into different commitments of job, marriage, kids, friends, kith and kin, etc., after a few years of time you should not repent for not having continued your studies still more for a couple of years that would have changed your entire plight as well as the individual profile of yours as well.

Education is good even after obtaining three doctorates. Still, coming to reality, education after graduation is necessary at least until a post graduation, if not a PhD.,

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Top Colleges for BSC


The Miranda house has the capacity to accommodate 2500 students and offers courses in humanities and science. Backed by a renowned faculty with rich and diverse profile and meritorious record of accomplishment in the field of education the college has produced some of the finest minds to grace the socio political landscape of the country.

Apart from the education and the faculty that nurtures these bright minds coming for guidance in this esteemed educational institution, Miranda is known for the space and freedom that it offers to its inhabitants. It offers a priceless opportunity to express each soul the way it wishes itself to express. Thus, it nurtures an invaluable lust to change and find a solution to the society’s problems.

Education without its true application is no educational at all; Miranda house promotes cultural events and patronizes its inhabitants to take part in such events happening around them. It is mandatory from the management of the college to patronize such events on a periodical basis. Moreover, the student’s community is completely replenished by such activities whether or not they are participating. Many love to enjoy being amidst the audience.


The Society of Jesus established St. Xavier’s College. It is named after St. Francis Xavier, a Jesuit saint of the 16th Century who came to India. The Jesuits, who were once called as schoolmasters of the Europe, had worked in the spread of education since the 16th century. They have done what St.Xaviers himself would have wanted them to do that is spread the light of education in India.


Nandanam arts and science college of Chennai is one of the good government colleges in the country which is famous for they physics division. They have always remained in the top category when it comes to serving the physics society. Recognitions in the form of laurels and awards has come from national level as well as from the American institute of physics, AIP, and many more prominent societies.


Chennai mathematical institute, which is part of Indian institute of science, is one of the greatest places in India to be trained in the field of mathematics. You are under the umbrella of mathematics scientists and gurus who contribute to the ongoing researches that are currently done by the American mathematical society. Adequate workshops for guidance to the beginners are conducted in these institutions. When you pursue your bachelor’s degree from such institutions, you are assured of a bright career.


Sastra University in the tanjavur is again a well renowned institution famous for the bachelors of Science studies. Students from different parts of the globe study in this university because of its merits. Strict discipline is inculcated in the students, which is the pivotal need for the students of this age in particular. It is a coeducational institute giving equal opportunities for boys and girls. Rapport of the university is maintained from the day one of its inauguration to all until now that all hold it with high reverence.

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Top Colleges for Bachelor Degree

The Loyola of Chennai

Loyola College in Chennai is one of the top colleges in India for graduation courses. The Society of Jesus established it in the year 1925. Deserving students got an opportunity to study and get their university degrees in this college. Apart from catholic students, for whom this college was primarily built, those belonging to other religion were also admitted. In 1978, the college became an autonomous body. The college became an autonomous body in July 1978. It however is still affiliated to the Madras University.

The autonomous status is so that the college can design its own educational courses and adopt innovative methods of teaching and evaluation. Students will get their degrees after passing the colleges examination. A total of 18 academic departments in science, arts and commerce 9 separate institutes offer a diverse variety of 111 programs to over 10,000 students.

The presidency college of Kolkata

The history of the presidency college of Kolkata is intertwined with the cultural and socio political development of Bengal and the rest of India. Originally, the presidency college was known as the Hindu college. Established in 1817 it was later renamed as the presidency college in 1855 and brought under the control of the government.

Originally only meant for the boys from the Hindu social elite, the college threw open it gates to allow students from all castes and creeds in the year 1855 after the government take over. It can be said that the dawn of liberal, secular and modern thinking in the Indian socio political thinking happened here.

The Delhi college

Miranda House, residential college for women, I Delhi is one of the renowned educational institutions for women in the country. Miranda house is affiliated to the Delhi house. Sir Maurice Gayer who was then the vice-chancellor founded the college in 1948. Lady Mountbatten laid the foundation stone of the institution. Miranda house’s architectural designs and looks bear a similarity with the other colonial educational structures of the same time.

Walter George did the original design. The structure is located within the university complex. Designed in red brick with large balconies the structure is beautifully laid across a sprawling campus well decorated with lush green gardens and trees all around. Over the years, additional structures have come up to accommodate the growing number of students. The structure has now been declared a heritage building and ongoing maintenance work is being doe to maintain the beauty of this iconic structure of colonial rule in India.

St. Stephens college

St. Stephen’s, one of the oldest colleges in India was established in 1881 originally affiliated to the Calcutta University. Later on, it became affiliated to the Punjab University and finally after the Delhi University was established it became affiliated to it. St.Stephen’s is one of the original three colleges with which the Delhi University was constituted.

Chandni Chowk

What started as an institution with only five students and three teachers in a small house in Katra Khushal Rai, in Chandni Chowk, soon became a sprawling institution. From 1891 to 1941, the college was housed in a building, which is now occupied by the Delhi College of engineering near St. James Church inside Kashmiri Gate. The college was shifted to its current location in 1941.

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Online Degrees

Indians were bit concerned about online courses when it was first introduced in this part of world. Now it’s different story all together. Online education has gain in popularity and picked up speed like western countries. Online Courses like nursing, business studies, international languages, and accounting are like hot choices in online degrees. More and more students are showing interest in e-learning. Advantages like flexible timing, simplified method, customized schedule, and lower cost of materials have given boost to online study. No particular age requirement is added advantage of online degrees.

Online education in India

Improvement has marked as far as online education in India is concern. E-learning concept is not as famous as it is in other developed countries. Technological advancement has help national and private universities of India to come up with online degrees. Manipal University, Symbiosis, and IIM can be considered most prestigious institutes to offer degree courses online. Required materials are available on institute website which enable student to opt for e-learning. Reduced cost of study is another factor which enables students to peruse degree of well reputed universities at lower cost. Video conferencing, online groups, and online chatting facilities are helping universities and lecturers to serve online education.

Online degrees in India

There is no limitation over online degrees offered in India nowadays. Open University like IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University) offers more than 400 career centric degrees. This number suggests that there is no difference that separate campus based degrees and online degrees. Online degrees in Management, Law, Health care, Criminal studies, Computer studies, foreign languages, IT, Arts, Commerce, and Science are offered by highly reputed university. Options available in online degrees make it easy for students to choose degree course of their interest.

Distance learning in India

Online degrees open option of distance learning in India. It means that even if you are living in undeveloped town of UP or Bihar, you can pursue degrees like BBA, MBA, MCA, BA, MA, And many other from open universities like Annamalai University, Sikkim Manipal University, or IGNOU. Online courses offered under distance learning are affordable and reliable which makes it possible for every student to acquire higher education. Exams and presentation at such online degrees can be customized. It means you can set you’re your schedule for lectures, exams, seminars, and presentation. Work according to your own schedule using online methods.

From crash courses to higher degrees, everything is possible in India with e-learning. You can be competitor by enhancing your knowledge with these online degrees. Online degrees are like blessing for working professional because it allows them to study on their own schedule while spending most of their time in job or business. Whatever time they have left after professional commitments, same can be utilized for online study. It is past now when you have to stand in queue to fill up forms for higher education degrees. You can manage everything electronically in online degrees, starting from registration to payment. No matter what your interest is, online degree is available to match your interest, skills, and knowledge.

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Master of technology is abbreviated as Mtech. It is the postgraduate program in the engineering and technology field. Depending upon the branch of engineering and technology studies of the individual the choice of Mtech are available. The interesting part is you cannot get all the Mtech programs offered by all the engineering and technology colleges and universities.


It is because of the fact that, the specialization to the master’s level in the engineering and technology field requires a lot of adequate resources and infrastructure to impart quality education to the students. Certain institutions are famous for chemical technology, while some of the others are for leather technology. It khargpur and dhanbad are famous for both these branches unto the doctorates level. Doing in these, institutions gain you excellent recognition in all the universities of the west.


You will get invitation for postdoctoral fellows from universities of the west. Apart from that, there are certain other institutions such as the IIT Chennai, MIT Chennai, and Anna University, which are all famous for the M tech in the finite element analysis. This is such a great field of design engineering which is always on top demand for the students as well as the employers who seek for professionals in the field. It is complicated and needs great intellects to master these programs of Mitch from reputed institutions.

Finite element analysis

The concepts taught are the fundamentals to the developed computer integrated graphics of the present day. The pixel concepts and the effective utilization of the simulation techniques for destructive tests and analysis are some of the significant tools of engineering technology and design, which saves huge amounts of costs associated with prototype modeling in the field of engineering and technology. The applications are of a wide range essentially constituting the civil engineering and the mechanical engineering filed.

Course details

The MTech program is just for a couple of years. You could choose your own options of elective subjects that you are interested. You will have to select out of the so many options that the university offers you. Still it depends largely upon the curriculum facilities available in the institution in which you have a seat for your MTech. Most of the institutions today do not offer you all those facilities for all the electives offered by the university. Hence, the student is limited to make his or her choice from what is available in the particular institution.

Graduates aptitude test for engineers

GATE is the examination, which is meant for being admitted into the Mtech programmes. If you have a very good score in the GATE examinations and in the B.E. or B.Tech, programs in you are under graduation studies, and then you can be in charge. The cue will be totally in your hand as one of the top rank holders in the GATE.

You could choose the particular institution that has the desired subject of yours with all infrastructures. The very important thing is you should be lucky enough to have one such institution of your specific kind in proximity to your dwelling place. To get this many combination come together in unison is quite rare.

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Ms Degree

Ms (Master of Science) degree is awarded to those who complete two years of masters after their bachelors. Market is competitive and demanding and those who don’t have professional degree find it hard to place themselves. Skills and knowledge are first two entities but educational degree is as important as anything else. It can be considered as your gate pass to this competitive market. Ms Degree is vital in term of getting entrance in marketplace. Ms is common term used for Masters of Science. It can be Master of Chemistry, Master of Physics, Master of Pharmacy, Master of Engineering and many more. In short, master degree of any stream of science is considered as Ms Degree.

Advantages of Ms Degree

As told earlier, having Ms Degree in your stream can help you immensely to get job and to enhance your knowledge. Described below are some of the advantages of Ms Degree.

· It is very important for job prospect. Reputed companies consider education degree along with skills and knowledge to evaluate their potential employees.

· Your professional knowledge will enhance because of research for projects during Ms Degree.

· You can sharpen your skills with Ms Degree because you will come to know so many different and new things.

How to get Ms Degree?

Students in their bachelors are often unaware about procedure to get into Ms Courses. This complicates the thing in big way because then they think it will be tough to get into masters course and pursue Ms Degree. To certain extent, it is easy and simple procedure if you have exact idea about it. First of all it will be important to pass entrance test. Entrance test differs according to your specialization. For example, engineering graduates have to pass GATE to enter next level.

Passing entrance test will not be only requirement. It is important to score will to be ranked high in merit list of reputed colleges. Once you have done it successfully, it would be time to select college. While selecting college, keep factors like college accreditation, reputation of college, and free structure in mind. Colleges and institutes which are high on these factors would be topnotch institutes.

Before few years, main concern for students was time when talking about Ms Degree. As India is developing country, students have to start job after completion of Bachelors more often than not. It means not time left for Ms Degree. Now will emergence of Distance learning and Online courses, it is possible for working professionals to study in master courses and gain Ms Degree. Sikkim Manipal Open University was first to offer Master programs under their distance learning scheme. E-learning have many advantages which make it popular choice among working professionals and those students who don’t have enough time to attend classes of campus based universities and colleges. More and more universities are offering distance learning programs after successful execution by open universities. Top institutes like IITs are also thinking about online Ms Degree.

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MBA Degree

Professional degree is ticket to competitive and demanding corporate world. Among all career courses, MBA is a degree which attracts high number of graduates because of future prospects and wider career span. Skills and knowledge are important entities to be successful manager or entrepreneur but MBA degree is entry pass. Liberalization and privatization are key factors in businesses today and those have raised the requirement of managers. Corporate houses all over India demands MBA degree from reputed institute from their potential employees. Credit should be also given to world-class colleges and institutes like IIMs, Manipal University, and Symbiosis in India to produce managers of class who are leaders of globalized marketplace in India. Good character and lot of dedication can win you MBA degree thus career in reputed company.

MBA Courses in India

Personal priorities and limitation may halt chances of bright students to enroll in MBA course. To overcome this issue, new ways have found which enables almost everyone to get MBA degree. In India, four categories of MBA are available. One can choose any of four MBA courses described below:

Full-time MBA: Fulltime MBA is divided in four semesters. Dissertation & project work and industrial exposure & summer internship are part of these four semesters. In past, students had limited choices as far as specialization in MBA is concern but at present specializations like Marketing, Finance, Human resource management, Operations management, Risk management, International trades and business, Information technology management, system management and many more are available which opens up wide range of choices for students.

Part-time MBA: These MBA course is designed for those students who cannot give their full time to education because of other priorities. Part-time MBA can be completed in 5 years with classes take place less frequently. All specializations are offered under part-time MBA.

Executive and online (Distance learning) MBA: These options are more flexible in terms of scheduling. Student can customize his own schedule and study accordingly. In initial phase, people were bit concern about these options but now these MBA courses are increasing in popularity. For working professionals, these are very good option to pursue MBA while working.

Admission in MBA courses

To get admission in reputed MBA College, entrance test is mandatory. IIM (Indian Institute of Management study) validate student on basis of CAT (common entrance test), whereas some other institutes considered entrance test like MAT or GMAT. Topnotch business schools like IIMs, Symbiosis, IIFT, and many more consider personal interview and group discussion as admission criteria. These are the basic norms but that are not all. Depending on selection of MBA College it may be more or less.

Opportunities with MBA degree

As told earlier, successful completion of MBA opens so many doors for student. Here are some key areas up for grabbing after MBA degree.

· Fast track growth in professional career

· Not interested in jobs, become entrepreneur and explore your skills to maximum level

· Be a leader in emerging segments of corporate world

· Enhance technical skills and business knowledge

· Explore yourself to full extent

Opportunities are many! It’s all about your interest after MBA degree.

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A Doctors profession in any community is considered the highly revered one. To qualify to be a good doctor in India, the basic qualification is that you should possess a bachelor’s degree in the medicine. bachelor of medicine and surgery is actually abbreviated as the MBBS degree in India. It is not an easy to obtain degree for all.


You should be adequately qualified. In fact, you should be some of the quite few toppers in the competitive examinations held for this special purpose. There are so many non-residential Indians children, other foreign students who are coming, and spending million of rupees in India to obtain a MBBS degree from the Indian universities. These are from some of the private deemed universities like the SRM, SRMC and many other institutions. They do offer a few of their total MBBS seats to the management quota.


Apart from that, all you have is just the regional government medical colleges for every city. The seats are very limited. They are world famous institutions in a majority. It is just because of the prominence of the Indian universities at the global level. The quality of education offered in these Indian medical colleges are of very high standards and incomparable to many other medicine degrees from Russia and other parts of the Asia. In fact, Indian medical colleges are of the top most priority when it comes to comparison with any other country in the all over Asia and Africans.

India is such a populous country being the second democratic country in the whole world. The amount of youth population in India is the most in the southern parts of the Indian subcontinent. The competition to pursue the MBBS degree in such a sort of circumstances is just huge. The word huge will be of no exaggeration, as there are multitudes of youth who compete to get through with an entry into the MBBS courses in India.


There are special coaching classes that students are attending almost from the very first step they keep into the higher secondary education. They are being trained separately for 2 years of time apart from the plus one and plus two regular schooling. This is to ensure that they might be able to face the medical entrance examinations with ease to get a seat in the medical colleges.

Still, amidst all those earnest endeavors of the student, the chances of the getting a medicine seat is highly remote. It is because all those who are selected for a seat are just based upon their rankings in the competitive examination. The toppers will alone be assured seats in the medical colleges and there is no guarantee for other participants who lag behind in their ranking.

Top MBBS colleges

Some of the Indian colleges like the AIMS, JIPMER, CMC, are internationally renowned for their excellent quality achievements. To pursue MBBS degree from these institutions you will have to appear for separate entrance examinations that are conducted by these institutions individually. Similarly, you have one more option called the pre medical and pre dental entrance examinations, which might also get you an entry seat into the MBBS course.

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Indian Education System

Indian education system is one among the world standards when it comes to delivering quality education to its students. The institutions in India, such as the IITs, IIMS, NITs, AIMS, JIPMER, CMC, RECs, IIS, IIPM, bits pilani are all of world standards. International students yearn to obtain a seat in such a sort of premium institutions.


They impart quality education to their pupils and operate in collaboration with the world class universities of the oxford, Stanford, havard and so on. Workshops and common cultural programs tend to happen for sharing of knowledge between the international communities. This is a great way of international communication to set trends in the research and development arena right from the academic curriculum.

Knowledge sharing

Visiting professors, hosts and guest lecturers are shared in common between these Indian and foreign universities. It aids the Indian research minds to keep abreast of the latest happenings in the research world while at the same time quite useful for the western universities in effective development in the ongoing researches by means of knowledge sharing.


Associated costs for the Indian education are far cheaper for the top quality of education they do obtain in India. It is for these reasons whole heap of foreign students are flurrying into India to pursue their degrees successfully. They are getting admissions in the private universities easily under the management quotas.

Still there are specific subjects where it is not easy to get through and have limited amount of seats for any amount of money that you are ready to spend. A good example is the M.B.B.S degree. This is the specialty and foolproof evidence that there is no compromise being made in the Indian educational system when it comes to maintaining standards and quality.

Role models

Engineering colleges are plenty these days and some of the self-financing institutions such as the srm, vit, psna, are serving the international student community to great extents. Some of these institutions are role models to all the other institutions. They are setting trends to be followed by others in terms of maintaining top-notch standards in the quality of education that is being offered.


Students who want to choose their passionate choice of subjects in the Mtech programmers is difficult. Most of the times it does not happen at all. There are a lot of reasons for that. The major being the numerous amounts of self-financing providers of the Mtech programs who are not all organized in the way they have evolved in the past decade or so. If it is all well planned by, the UGC and the AICTE before granting the permissions to such self-financing institutions then there should not be this much lag in the availability of so many prominent disciplines of interest for the students.


The point of passion and drive is all suppressed and the students in majority are forced to study what they could get for their marks obtained in the B.E. or Programs earlier and the competitive examination marks for entering into the programs. This is actually a great limitation and it should not happen at the master’s level for a studious candidate.

The system has to change and universities should cease overlooking into such important aspects, which will aid to the development of research and technology by far. When people do what they love to do then certainly there will be a marked difference than what they would do otherwise

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How to get MS Degree?

Competition is tough out there and it required maximum expertise in order to achieve and maintain higher level. Quality education is first need for that in any field. Any segment of corporate world demand respected higher education nowadays. Doing a job and being happy with limited tasks would not serve purpose of growth. Constant improvement is required in order to achieve higher levels. Regardless of field you are in, if you look forward for growth, MS degree programs are designed in such manner that can help you enhance yourself and be a person that corporate sectors look out for. These programs are not only for job level, they are integral part of higher education hence personal growth.

Entrance test is vital

Next question will be, How to get MS degree that opens many doors as far as career is concern. First of all, it is vital to choose stream after high schooling that you are interested in rather than choosing hot option so that your career becomes your passion instead of forcefully appointed job. Once you complete your Bachelors, it will be time for MS degree. It simply means that successful completion of Bachelors course in essential to get admission into MS degree programs. Depending upon your specialization, entrance test for MS degree varies. For example, if you are opting for Masters of Business Administration then you have to clear one of the CAT, MAT, or GMAT. These three are entrance exams for MBA. Selection of entrance test also depends on choice of college. For example, IIMs don’t accept any other entrance tests apart from CAT.

What next

Once you are through entrance test, it will be time for selection of college. This thing requires research of some kind. You need to find out best institutions that offer MS degree programs, especially program of your interest. In case you have completed your bachelor degree from tier 3 city then there are chances that you won’t find any good college or university in local area. In that case you have to think about shifting to one of the major cities which have topnotch colleges that offer MS degree programs. Move to nearest tier 1 city where all good college and universities are located. Short listing of college will become easier then. Before making final decision about institute, consider factors like education system, cost of study, approach to student, and reorganization of particular college or university by companies.

MS degree online

New dimension is added in order to acquire MS degree. One can pursue MS degree online as well. Most of the open universities and colleges of India offer online courses of masters. It means one can complete MS degree while working professionally. Manipal University was first to offer MS degree to working professionals. Then after, this idea was welcomed by most of the online colleges. Reduced cost, flexibility, customized schedule, simplicity, and easy time management are attractive advantages of distance learning (online study) for MS degree.

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