A Doctors profession in any community is considered the highly revered one. To qualify to be a good doctor in India, the basic qualification is that you should possess a bachelor’s degree in the medicine. bachelor of medicine and surgery is actually abbreviated as the MBBS degree in India. It is not an easy to obtain degree for all.


You should be adequately qualified. In fact, you should be some of the quite few toppers in the competitive examinations held for this special purpose. There are so many non-residential Indians children, other foreign students who are coming, and spending million of rupees in India to obtain a MBBS degree from the Indian universities. These are from some of the private deemed universities like the SRM, SRMC and many other institutions. They do offer a few of their total MBBS seats to the management quota.


Apart from that, all you have is just the regional government medical colleges for every city. The seats are very limited. They are world famous institutions in a majority. It is just because of the prominence of the Indian universities at the global level. The quality of education offered in these Indian medical colleges are of very high standards and incomparable to many other medicine degrees from Russia and other parts of the Asia. In fact, Indian medical colleges are of the top most priority when it comes to comparison with any other country in the all over Asia and Africans.

India is such a populous country being the second democratic country in the whole world. The amount of youth population in India is the most in the southern parts of the Indian subcontinent. The competition to pursue the MBBS degree in such a sort of circumstances is just huge. The word huge will be of no exaggeration, as there are multitudes of youth who compete to get through with an entry into the MBBS courses in India.


There are special coaching classes that students are attending almost from the very first step they keep into the higher secondary education. They are being trained separately for 2 years of time apart from the plus one and plus two regular schooling. This is to ensure that they might be able to face the medical entrance examinations with ease to get a seat in the medical colleges.

Still, amidst all those earnest endeavors of the student, the chances of the getting a medicine seat is highly remote. It is because all those who are selected for a seat are just based upon their rankings in the competitive examination. The toppers will alone be assured seats in the medical colleges and there is no guarantee for other participants who lag behind in their ranking.

Top MBBS colleges

Some of the Indian colleges like the AIMS, JIPMER, CMC, are internationally renowned for their excellent quality achievements. To pursue MBBS degree from these institutions you will have to appear for separate entrance examinations that are conducted by these institutions individually. Similarly, you have one more option called the pre medical and pre dental entrance examinations, which might also get you an entry seat into the MBBS course.

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